Backup and Restore Procedure for MS DOS 6.xx

Some Toshiba computers are being pre-loaded with MS DOS 6.xx and MS Windows (for Workgroups) 3.1x (optional). The DOS and Windows diskettes are not bundled with these units. It is strongly recommended that the user perform a backup of the hard disk upon receiving a new Toshiba computer. This way you will have a backup of DOS and Windows (if bundled). Please follow the instructions below to backup and restore your Toshiba computer:

How to Operate Your Toshiba PC at first use:
1. Remove the notice label over the power supply switch and switch on. The notice reads as follows "The software products pre-installed on your computer are copyrighted works. Before turning on your computer, please read the License Agreements printed on each software package envelope or inside the front of the appropriate manual. By turning on your computer you indicate that you have read and accpeted these software license terms."

2. Turn on the computer and the screen will display the following message:
"MS-DOS 6.xx and Microsoft Windows (for Workgroups) 3.1x are preinstalled on your hard disk. The first thing you should do with your computer is make backup diskettes of the MS DOS 6.xx and Microsoft Windows software installed on your hard disk. It is important that you make backup diskettes before you begin loading application software. Should any MS-DOS or Microsoft Windows files be damaged, you will need to restore them from backup diskettes. Refer to your documentation for procedures on making backup diskettes of files installed on your hard disk. Do you need to display the above message whenever you boot? (Y/N)"

3. Next, if Windows is pre-installed, then follow the instructions to register your name and company name. The registration precedure can only be executed at the first PC operation.

How to Backup the MS DOS 6.xx and Windows (for Workgroups) 3.1x (if preloaded on HDD):
Use the "BACKUP.COM" command on the Toshiba "Companion Utility" (formally called Diagnostics & Supplemental) diskette to backup MS DOS 6.xx, Windows (for Workgroups) 3.1x and other software preloaded.

1. Prepare approximately 20 high density formatted diskettes. How many diskettes required depends on the PC model and if Windows (for Workgroups) 3.1x was bundled.

2. Insert the Toshiba Companion Utility diskette in drive A: and reboot the computer. Choose "Exit to DOS" from the menu.